Look what is possible

Incredible finishing kick.

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For girls everywhere

I came across this list recently.  It is not often I take the time to read what comes in randomly by those I don’t know.  But glad I did, and it was worth it.  Even if you read only one or two of the list.  And it doesn’t apply just to girls.  All women should be thinking about how we present and respond to the next generation

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Routine for exercise mode

You have heard it before – promise just run or exercise for 10 minutes.  Then you may be more inclined to continue.  But what if you can’t rouse yourself to start those 10 minutes?

Get a routine of a couple of things that put you into exercise mode.  For example:  put on your running shoes, fill the water bottle, get your music ready, and pull up your favorite song.  Choose 2 more songs from your list and vow to get through the three songs.  There is your first 10 minutes.


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Just 5 minutes!

Good news this week from the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.  Even 5 minutes of running per day can provide cardiovascular benefits to sedentary adults.  I often hear comments from folks telling me, “I can’t run (for one reason or another)” so they do virtually nothing.  Even 5 to 10 minutes per day most days of the week at a relatively low level of speed benefits your heart and can prolong life.

Check it out, no more excuses.

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stretching reminders

Post run stretching more effective than pre run stretching.  Do dynamic warm ups instead, as stretching cold muscles decrease stability and can make you more prone to get hurt.

Stretching boosts range of motion – approximately 10% increase in the knee’s range of motion alone after foam rolling quadriceps after a run.

15% of runners use foam rollers to increase flexibility even when doing nothing else.


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post run snack ideas

Rather than a sports drink and an energy bar after a run, consider the following snacks that provide about 200 calories of refueling and will be more interesting:

Plain Greek yogurt with berries

1 or 2 hard boiled eggs and apple or banana

1 cup baby carrots (or bell peppers) with 1/3 cup hummus

1 cup whole grain pretzels with 2 pieces of beef jerkey or a cheese stick

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