About Jackie

Jackie Miron began running seriously and competitively later in life, after the birth of her children.  Though she spent time running as part of training for tennis, and teaching aerobics, she focused more on running because it was convenient, efficient, and could be done with children in tow.

In 2004, Jackie became the running columnist Syracuse’s newspaper, the Post-Standard.  She has been active in local races, raised funds for various charities, and completed in marathons across the country.  Connecting with runners of all ages and abilities in locations around the world has shaped her writing, reading, and career path.  Natural progression from heavy training and racing has given way to training others, and to writing a book.  Jackie loves teaching local walk/run programs, speaking at local racing club events, and visiting schools to watch fitness programs in practice, and helped with her school district’s cross-country middle school team.

Jackie’s background is in business, accounting, and math.  She obtained her CPA license, practiced accounting, and maintains part time work as a math teacher.  Her favorite part of teaching is incorporating lessons with math, fitness, and nutrition. Both working with middle school students, and parenting her boys brought her more in touch with what students that age like to read.   Her first book is about a Sudanese “Lost Boy” who was adopted by a local family in 1998 right in Syracuse.  Telling his story was one way to give middle school students a solid role model in a sport different from the many of the young adult sports biographies on bookshelves.

Many people ask Jackie if her boys are runners.  She considers sports and fitness the backbone of the family’s lifestyle and recreation.  The most important thing is for her to cultivate a love for activity, and influence others to pursue lifetime of health and fitness, whatever the sport.  “Positive role models and respect for hard work and dedication are necessary for the success of our youth today.”

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